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Find a home to fit your lifestyle…

RENTALS: Houses, Condos and Apartments

Attention to detail…

When searching for a property to lease, there are a lot of reasons to partner with us. It is not just the home that you will be renting, but the landlord, maintenance, accounting, and more. Lykim  Wengert Property Management Solutions is a full service management company that believes that quality, service and attention to detail keeps our customers happy.

Where is your money going?

Don’t make the mistake of turning YOUR money over to an individual and not knowing where it is going or if you are ever going to see it again. We hold your money in a local escrow account and give you full accounting of all your payments. There is never a question of where your money is being held.

What if I have a problem?

Don’t worry! We have full-time maintenance and work with specialist throughout the area to get your maintenance issue resolved as quickly as possible. We also monitor our calls 24/7 so you aren’t wondering when someone can will be out to address your issue.

We have houses, condos, and apartments for rent in the Palm Bay, Melbourne, and other cities in Brevard County. Take a look at our rental listings for details, photos, and pet friendly properties. Some of our properties are month to month while others require a year lease.  Email Us to find out more.

Find the home of your dreams…

BUYING or SELLING…with the focus on YOU!

We are committed to helping you navigate the tricky and sometimes treacherous waters of residential real estate. We have established trusted relationships with Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, and Property Owners. We leverage our experience and network to make connections between Buyers and Sellers that no other company in the area can match.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, we know that there are many brokerages and independent real estate agents operating in Brevard County. Many of our clients come from referrals, personal references and testimonials. Why? Because we listen.

We have houses, condos, and apartments for sale in the Palm Bay, Melbourne, and other cities in Brevard County. Email Us to find out more.

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